Engine repair Caterpillar

At the mention of Caterpillar engines, both drivers and mechanics usually think about the reliability, high technology and quality of these units, which distinguish them from many other options. For nearly a century, Caterpillar products remain at their best: this is a world-renowned manufacturer and giant who can easily compete with engine manufacturers such as Cummins or Komatsu.

Caterpillar diesel engines have spread so widely that they can be found in almost every country in the world. They are installed on special equipment, agricultural equipment, field-building equipment, trucks, etc. In addition, diesel engines are in demand in the oil and gas industry and are used in shipping. Therefore, the repair of engines of this famous brand is so relevant today.

Repair of equipment

In Minsk, we are one of the first companies providing a complete list of repairs, diagnostics and maintenance of Caterpillar diesel engines. For you:

  • overhaul and maintenance of the engine Caterpillar of any level of complexity;
  • repair and replacement of engine parts (turbines, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, fuel equipment);
  • grinding crankshafts;
  • engine run-in in the own workshop of the EuroRemdiesel service station;
  • start of the engine with departure to the customer.

Service stations

Caterpillar repair can be trusted only to masters who can cope with such high-tech equipment. Freight service station “Evroremdizel” provides truck repairs in Minsk. Our masters have been working on the repair of diesel engines for over 10 years and have all the possible modern tools. The technical base of the “EuroRemdiesel” allows you to cope even with the most difficult repair of Caterpillar engines. Own diagnostics, allows you to quickly identify faults and start to eliminate them.

We perform the following work:

  • Pistons change to new sizes
  • Cylinder bore
  • Adjustment and adjustment of all engine systems
  • Valve replacement
  • Grinding crankshaft necks
  • Assembly and installation of the power unit in the engine compartment
  • Engine test, setting its parameters

In addition, the service station “Evroremdizel” offers its customers original spare parts Caterpillar. Thanks to their use, repair becomes as efficient as possible, and the diesel engine then serves for a very long time, without requiring major repairs.

Before you start repairing and replacing parts, EuroRemdiesel mechanics are engaged in engine diagnostics. This may be a mechanical or computer version. Diagnostics is carried out at the station or on the territory of the client. After that, a repair plan is made, in which all faults that have been detected are entered.

About engine

Caterpillar “shot” immediately, barely on the market: the engines that it offered were literally revolutionary. Efficient units that used a very small amount of fuel when compared with other engines of the time. In this case, the Caterpillar engine showed its uniqueness, the equipment can move much faster thanks to the additional power of the motor.

Currently, the diesel engine is used for construction equipment. It is put on hydraulic machines, from mini excavators weighing less than a ton, medium, heavy and up to the world’s largest 6090 FS hydraulic excavator, weighing 980 tons and a bucket capacity of up to 52 cubic meters.

Today, Caterpillar remains at its best, constantly improving its technologies and its products, which allows the company to remain so popular and its engines to be sold. Cat engineers are able to incorporate unusual technologies into their engines, make bold decisions, and many competitors who are trying to repeat the success of the company cannot cope with this and cannot even copy the latest developments.

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