Perkins engine repair

Perkins company has been producing engines since the thirties of the last century, and during that time managed to gain popularity all over the world. The company, which began as a small workshop, has now become a global engine manufacturer.

Perkins engines, despite all their positive characteristics, sometimes require repair. Basically, the need to conduct it appears when the engine has been in operation for quite a long time, and the car with it managed to wind up many thousands of hours. Like all other parts of the car, Perkins engines can wear out – more precisely, some individual parts usually wear out. Replacing them, you can extend the life of the engine and for a long time not to think about the repair. To do this, contact the experienced professionals who can confidently guarantee the high quality of service and efficiency of repair. Such employees are in the staff of the Euroremdiesel service station. Each of them managed to accumulate experience of more than ten years, so the company vouches for the quality of the repair and gives it a guarantee.

Perkins engine faults

The specialist can detect the following faults:

  • nozzles;
  • fuel pump;
  • fuel feed pump;
  • turbines;
  • starter;
  • engine generator;
  • water pump, etc.

Often, these parts require replacement, as they wear out due to long and intensive use. For the replacement of the company “Euroremdizel” offers its customers original spare parts from the manufacturer. Only such parts can provide reliable long-term operation and the highest quality of repair. “Euroremdiesel” offers original spare parts at reasonable prices, the service station experts can immediately install them. Thus, it is possible to upgrade the Perkins engine and significantly delay its overhaul.

Perkins repair service

Any Perkins repair begins with an inspection of the engine and its diagnosis. Experts of EuroRemdiesel can carry out these procedures both in the service station and in a place convenient for the customer – for example, in his own garage. In the “Euroremdiesel” for this purpose are working brigades that are engaged in computer and mechanical diagnostics, as well as repairs.

Among the main service stations Perkins engine repair:

  • current repair of any complexity;
  • engine overhaul Perkins;
  • complete engine overhaul and analysis of its condition;
  • detection of hidden faults;
  • replacement of broken parts and parts with signs of heavy wear;
  • repair of cylinder head and turbines;
  • repair of fuel equipment and cylinder blocks;
  • grinding crankshafts;
  • camshaft repair, etc.

Mandatory testing is carried out, in which the customer can be present. During troubleshooting, a specialist finds out what state the cylinder heads are in, checks the crankshaft, injectors and pumps. We make repair of diesel engines Perkins 400,800,1000,1100,1300,2300,2800,4000 series.

Such repair of a diesel engine includes the following works:

  • Replacing pistons for new sizes;
  • Cylinder bore;
  • Adjustment and adjustment of all engine systems;
  • Valve replacement;
  • Grinding crankshaft necks;
  • Assembly and installation of the power unit in the engine compartment;
  • Engine test, setting its parameters.

Among other things, every engine that comes to be repaired at EuroRemdiesel is tested in its own workshop workshop. After all the work is completed (it may take about 3 days with spare parts), a specialist goes to the customer to start the Perkins engine.

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