Popular models of tractors for the village

The distribution of the most popular models of agricultural tractors by firms and standard sizes on the example of the German market with its large capacity with one of the most demanding buyers in the world is of interest to domestic purchasers of imported tractor equipment. Specialists S.-H. The engineering industry in Germany carried out a statistical analysis of agricultural tractors approved for use in this country. It is known that in 2007, 28,469 new tractors were allowed to operate, which was 1.8% less than the result of 2006 (in 2007, the growth of the purchasing power of the German market was 23%.)

It is characteristic, as in 2006, and in 2007 the majority presented in tab. 1 firms occupied similar places, indicating a constant popularity among buyers of agricultural products. tractors of certain firms for at least the past two years.

A favorite in the German market in recent years has been John Deere, whose share has remained at about 20%. However, in comparison with 2006, the number of registered C.-kh. tractors of this company decreased by 381 units. Without tractors up to 37 kW (50 hp), the first place was taken by the German company Fendt, which in 2007 increased its share in the German market by 1.1%. The largest increase in the number of newly registered C.-kh. tractors compared with the result of 2006 reached another German company: Claas (by 1.3%, 319 units).

The manufacturer of the CIS Velarus (14th place) of the Minsk Tractor Plant, producing a range of universal-tilled agricultural tractors of average power and supplying them for export, including to Germany, was among the fifteen best firms.

The best-selling agricultural tractors were models in the average power range from 51 to 152 kW (69 … 207 hp), and the most popular models of 2007 were agricultural machines. Agrotron 150 tractors from the German company Deutz-Fahr and 820 Vario from Fendt, which took the first two places, whereas immediately four subsequent places were taken by the John Deere tractor models. Tractors from Case IH and Claas have also become highly demanded.

Of undoubted interest are data on the number of newly registered agricultural produce. tractors by classes of capacities in 2006–2007.

The largest number of tractors (5455) registered in 2007 was with engines ranging from 59 to 74 kW (80 … 100 hp). The second maximum (4483 units) at tractors of the power class from 88 to 111 kW (120 … 150 hp). In addition, compared with the previous year in 2007, the number of registered tractors significantly increased: almost twice in the high power class from 148 to 184 kW (201 … 250 hp) and more, indicating an increase in interest from 2007 buyers to energy-efficient agricultural tractors. At the same time, purchases of agricultural products also increased. tractors in the power ranges: 30 … 37 kW (41 … 50 hp), 45 … 51 kW (61 … 70 hp), 75 … 81 kW (101 … 110 hp), 89 … 96 kW (121 … 130 l.) and 119 … 125 kW (161 … 170 hp).

The rating from 1st to 5th place S.-X. tractors in Germany of various companies in terms of the number in individual power classes with an interval of approximately 38 kW (50 hp).

The most popular companies, whose agricultural tractors are bought most of all in Germany, in all power classes are (in order of listing) John Deere, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Case IH / Steyr, Claas, New Holland, which can serve quite reliable guideline for Russian buyers.

Sales S.-H. tractors on the German market, manufactured by German firms, in 2007 increased by 17% compared with 2006, and their exports to the markets of other countries grew to an even greater degree.

The cost of C.-H. tractors in recent years has slightly increased due to rising prices for energy and raw materials, as well as due to the constant growth of salaries for company employees and the complexity of engine design, due to the introduction of environmental standards Stage III / Tier 3, but this has hardly affected the purchasing the ability of farmers.

The popularity of individual manufacturers with customers is reflected in the ranking of global corporations (concerns) and major manufacturers, compiled on the basis of sales of agricultural tractors on the German market in 2006–2007.

Rating of firms by the number of registered in Germany C.-H. tractors

  1. John Deere
  2. Fendt
  3. Deutz-fahr
  4. Case IH / Steyr
  5. Claas
  6. New Holland
  7. Massey Ferguson
  8. Kubota
  9. Same
  10. Iski
  11. Valtra
  12. Mersedes-Benz
  13. Landini
  14. Belarus
  15. McCormick
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