Repair CAT DAF

According to statistics, one of the best-selling trucks in the world is DAF vehicles. In our republic, they are also in high demand, and this is not surprising. At the same time, “Euroremdizel” is one of the few companies that perform high-quality professional repair of DAF gearboxes.

Repair of a DAF gearbox must be performed only by qualified mechanics who know the design features of all box models. ZF series gearboxes are considered one of the most maintainable, as there are always original spare parts for them that are reliable and durable.

  • initial diagnosis without removing the box, sometimes allowing to identify the causes of the malfunction;
  • removal of gearbox;
  • dismantling the clutch with subsequent inspection of its components;
  • disassembling the box for troubleshooting and then drawing up a list of parts for replacement;
  • coordination of the cost of work and spare parts with the owner of the machine;
  • replacement of parts, assembly and adjustment of gearbox;
  • putting the box in place;
  • check shifting speeds on the go.

When the repair work is done by professionals, the restored gearboxes get a new life and last just as long as the new factory ones. Evroremdizel specialists have been carrying out repair of gearboxes on Daph trucks for many years, so they do everything quickly and responsibly. Masters know the construction of these important components thoroughly, so they can detect a malfunction almost at a glance. For the initial diagnosis, it is enough for our mechanics to drive a car and listen to what sound and how smoothly the speeds switch.

Ordering a repair of a checkpoint at a Euroremdiesel service station is advantageous and convenient, since we have a warehouse with the necessary spare parts, so we restore any box in a short time. All owners of DAF trucks who contact us are satisfied with the result.

DAF truck gearboxes

For DAF LF, CF and XF trucks and buses, the manufacturer installs the following models of gearboxes:

  • Transmission ZF 16S151 – 16 speeds in them, and the maximum torque is 1600/1850. There are more recent modifications of this gearbox – ZF16S1620, ZF16S1820 and ZF16S1830. Some of them are equipped with a retarder.
  • Transmission ZF 16S181 – also a 16-speed box, which has newer analogues ZF16S1920 and ZF16S2230. Sometimes it is completed with a retarder.
  • Transmission ZF 16S221 – box with 16 gears and a maximum torque of 2200/2500. At its base are created CAT ZF16S2230 and ZF16S2730. Complete with retarder.

On DAF LF45 cars, the EATON FS6309 box is sometimes found. Among the popular and reliable automatic transmissions installed on DAF, we can distinguish:

  • ZF12AS2130T;
  • ZF12AS2330;
  • ZF12AS2131;
  • ZF ASTRONIK 12AS1930;
  • ASTRONIC 12AC1930TD and 12AS2331T;
  • ZF12AS2330;
  • ASTRONIC 12AS2140 TD.

If you have questions about the repair of the transmission, call us at the specified phone number for consultation and ordering services.

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